Northridge Hall of Fame Committee

The membership for the Hall of Fame committee currently includes the Charter Members, the Superintendent of Northridge Schools, a Board of Education member, the Northridge Teachers Association President, an active teacher, a retired teacher, an honorary member, and a representative from each school. In addition, the Committee will elect three members-at-large selected from service clubs, business people, school employees, and Northridge residents each year to serve a one year term. The Charter Members are those persons who were involved in the creation of the Northridge Hall of Fame, which includes: David Griesmeyer, William Howell, Barbara Kimmel, Lari LaVerne, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Sharon Scanlan.

Members are available to answer any questions that you may have concerning the Northridge Hall of Fame. If you would have an interest in serving as a member of the committee, please contact Northridge Schools at 937-278-5885.