Nominate an Individual

The process for the Hall of Fame nomination is simple. Consider who would make a good role model for the students of Northridge Schools. Consider who you think might represent in a positive manner the Northridge community. Consider people from the past or present, those who may have relocated, or chosen to remain in the area. Consider members of your church or neighborhood, as well as leaders in the world of business. Consider our Northridge alumni or former school employees, and anyone who achieves honor and recognition for themselves or for Northridge. If you have a person in mind that would serve as a positive role model for our children, complete the nomination form to help us locate this individual.

The nomination form can be downloaded and mailed, or completed online by the choices below.

Please fill out, print and mail to address below:

Northridge Hall of Fame
2011 Timber Lane
Dayton, OH 45414